AML e Patriot Act

According to the European and Italian legal framework, banks and financial institutions must perform a proper due diligence on their counterparties and assign a consistent risk profile in anti money laundering perspective.

To allow its counterparties to meet these requirements, UniCredit publishes the following documents:


  • Anti money laundering passive Questionnaire (Italian Law 231/07)

  • Patriot Act Statement

The passive Questionnaire provides main information about the company's structure and the procedures enforced to prevent the use of the financial system for money laundering purposes.


The Patriot Act Statement reports the information that banks and financial institutions non-USA based must provide whenever they maintain Correspondent accounts with banks and financial institutions settled in the USA. The statement is mandatory according to the Patriot Act Law, enforced in the USA on October, 26th 2001, to strengthen measures aimed at fighting international terrorism.

PDF | Anti money laundering passive Questionnaire (Italian Law 231/07) (552.81kb)

PDF | Patriot Act Statement (377.67kb)

PDF | List of UniCredit S.p.A. list of branches (66.09kb)