UniCredit - Global Markets

Client-driven Global Markets services

Outstanding quality in all asset classes

Our well-established Global Markets & Research unit is aimed at both institutional and corporate clients. It also provides structured investment products for our retail clients.


With over 1,250 professionals allocated to dedicated Distribution, Product and Cross-Functional teams, the Global Markets & Research unit encompasses the full range of product offerings and services expected by the international clientele of a major European bank.


Our cross-asset class approach - using FX, CEE, rates, equity derivatives and commodities, among others - is designed to address the changing needs of our retail, institutional and corporate clients in a challenging financial environment. Our product offering includes plain vanilla products as well as tailor-made structured solutions and derivatives, provided via our international bank network and sales channels. This allows us to offer our clients a unique combination of markets expertise and regional proximity.


The UniCredit Research team forms our view of the macroeconomic climate and the financial markets. It also helps our clients develop their investment plans, select their securities, manage their risks, and carry out strategic and tactical asset allocation for their financial investments.

The Global Markets & Research unit's corporate solutions are designed to help corporates manage their finances effectively. To this end, we provide inter-disciplinary analysis and advisory services, often creating sophisticated solutions tailored to our clients' specific needs. We specialise in areas such as balance-sheet optimisation, hedging and other derivative-based solutions, asset liability, financial and risk management, and non-standard financing, among others.

We provide a range of brokerage services and investment products across all asset classes, designed to assist private investors, as well as our own internal and external distribution networks. We focus on generating creative pay-offs and attractive returns, using various formats, certificates, notes and wraps.

We offer a number of services to institutional investors, ranging from plain vanilla products all the way to highly-tailored structured solutions and derivatives. We take a cross-asset class approach to our services, including FX, rates, equity derivatives and commodities. In addition to financial products, we also offer advisory services, designing yield-enhancement strategies, undertaking balance-sheet optimisation, and supporting regulatory capital structures.

The UniCredit Research team not only informs the wider bank's understanding of macroeconomic developments and financial markets, it also works to help our clients develop their investment strategies. With 100 analysts in 14 countries, our team can help corporates make quick, well-informed decisions about their financial investments - picking securities carefully and keeping risks contained.