UniCredit - UC Trader

Online FX trading from UniCredit

UCTrader is our dedicated online FX trading platform - giving clients direct access to live pricing and rapid trade execution for spots, forwards and swaps.


The platform offers comprehensive pricing, with over 50 currencies and 140 currency pairs, priced at 0.1 pip intervals. And this granularity comes at no expense of clarity or ease of use, with features such as pre-defined product groups, simple functions for adding and deleting currency pairs, and customisable desktops making for a simple and flexible user experience.


For more detail and information on how to use UCTrader, you can consult our walkthrough guide.

Key Features
Comprehensive pricing:

  • Over 50 currencies and 140 currency pairs
  • 0.1 pip price intervals
  • Add, delete and edit trading pairs
  • Pre-defined product groups


Fast, simple trading:

  • One-click trading up to a limit
  • Unlimited trade size via RFS
  • Quote and deal in as few as 3 clicks
  • Execute on streaming spot, forward and swap rates


Customizable desktop:

  • Create the layout you want
  • Save, edit and load different layouts
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Add, delete and move panels


Search, filter and print:

  • Search for active trades
  • Filter by account
  • Printable blotters with daily activity listings